How do I earn points?

With Rainy Day Rewards, our advertisers reward you for trying their apps. You can also earn points by watching videos, completing surveys, or trying out other advertiser offers. With our Featured Offers, you can earn points by keeping and using our advertisers’ apps. Our advertisers value your opinions, so they want you to spend some time with the apps you download. Make sure when you install an app to open it within 48 hours for your credit to register, and make sure to use the app for at least a minute after opening it.

Can I get points for installing an app more than once?

No. Our advertisers issue credit for new users only. Installing an app more than once will not result in additional points.

Do I have to use an app to get points?

Some apps reward you just for installing them, but our advertisers would like for you to try out the apps you install from Rainy Day Rewards, and many of our Featured Offer apps reward you with points just for keeping the app (not uninstalling it)! So be sure to keep the app on your device for as long as possible to receive maximum points. And other apps also reward points for using the app, so be sure to keep using the app to receive the most possible points!

Can I get points by referring people to Rainy Day Rewards?

Yes! Your friends will love Rainy Day Rewards and you’ll love the points you receive from referring them! In your account, you’ll find your unique referral link – be sure to send that to your friends, post on your Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else people will see it! You’ll receive points when people sign up through your referral link and when they create their account and begin earning points!

Can I use a VPN?

No. Our advertisers don’t allow credit for their apps being installed in non-targeted countries, so using a VPN to circumvent this isn’t allowed.

Can I live anywhere in the world and be a user of Rainy Day Rewards?

No. At present, Rainy Day Rewards is available only to US residents. We anticipate launching in other countries soon!